Need Help?

You have been hanging out around The Usable Clown for a while and you are trying to make yourself into a more marketable clown. Unfortunately you are not a graphic designer, a web designer or rich so you are having a hard time getting your marketing package together. What should you do?

Have no fear, The Usable Clown is here.

That’s right fellow clowns, The Usable Clown happens to be a self taught web nerd and a freelance graphic designer. He designed The Usable Clown logo and integrated it into a WordPress theme that is unrecognizable from its previous state. He has also designed logos for, A.P.I. entertainment, Joe and Em’s Five and Dime, updated the logo for Property Technica and has designed numerous banners for etsy shops. He also designed business cards for his clown business and his wife’s photo business.

Please feel free to email him at theusableclown[at]clownusability[dot]com

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