Why is clowning so hard?

What’s the missing ingredient that prevents most people from succeeding as a clown? Not making your clowning usable at any event. In a world where people want the biggest bang for their buck, limiting your performances to only typical clowning venues will limit what you have to offer the general public. As you travel the world of clowning you will find that almost everything can be tied to clowning. Clown usability will help you integrate all of these skills into your clowning. The Usable Clown will help you

  • develop your business
  • gain skills
  • become a more usable clown!

All you need is the willingness to learn and an open mind.The Usable Clown was started to give clowns of all ages and abilities help in growing their business. Most clowns spend their time learning new skills and not on developing a business plan or pursuing jobs that are more lucrative. It is the hope of the Usable Clown to help clowns become more successful and more profitable.

If you would like to contribute an article or have an idea that you would like to see, send it to us at The Usable Clown at TheUsableClown[at]gmail[dot]com. If your article is selected you will be asked to send a picture of yourself as well as a mini biography of your business or entertainment background. We plan about two to three weeks in advance so plan on seeing your article published in month or so.

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