Lets Get This Started!!!

It is finally spring (well technically it has been spring for a while) and it is time to plan your summer. Fall and Winter are traditionally lean times for clowns. Not as many outdoor parties, other holidays and the cost of those holidays prevent people from hiring clowns for events. Luckily that is behind us and it is time to plan for the future.

So how do you do that… You set yourself up with bundles of gigs that will give you future gigs. This means that you have to look at the long term. You have to make sure that you are handing out Business Cards to everyone. No more going to the grocery store without striking up conversation with everyone. You never know who may be having a birthday party or be in charge of a company picnic.

Also, when you are doing a clown job everyone leaves with a promotional item. Like a business card. This way every kid goes home saying how much fun they have and how much they want to have you at their party. This also means that you need to do a good job of making the birthday party extra special for the birthday kid. If you make balloons you can give each kid at the party a single balloon dog holding your card and then the birthday kid gets all of the balloons they can hold. Also, unless you have a good reason not to, never use anyone but the birthday kid for help in your act.

Now is the time to contact all the local businesses you have worked for previously for and see if you can do a promotion for them. Then take a drive around town (or towns if there are many near) and take note of new businesses. Then make a plan on which businesses are more likely to need a clown and start with those. Go into them and find out who is in charge. Talk to that person and highlight why they should hire you to do their next promotion.

While at a promotion you should have your cards available, giving them out willy nilly. Not at the expense of the event you are doing but have a stack handy to give out. If you are making balloons hand out business cards with every balloon. Also make sure the manager of business has a bunch of your cards to give to people that ask them.

There you go. How to supercharge your summer and into your fall.