13 Things to Learn for 2011

It has been a while since we have had a simple list post. Here is one to get you thinking about new skills you could start working on. I am a fan of goals when learning new skills, which is why this is 13 things to learn befor the new year. I would suggest just picking one and mastering it by the new year and then picking another.

  1. Juggling- If you already know how, learn a new trick or to juggle something weird.
  2. Unicycing- Seriously you can learn this by 2011, but you need to get started soon.
  3. Ventriloquism- With some hard work this should be easy to learn and will be a great addition to your act.
  4. Card tricks- I am a huge fan of card tricks. I would suggest learning some simple slights and using those instead of buying a bunch of trick decks.
  5. Mind reading- Learning mentalism can only help your act as well as teaching you to better read your audience.
  6. Stilt walking- Growing four feet overnight is a great attention getter. Plus you don’t have to do much while you are on your stilts, just hang out and wave.
  7. Pratfalls- Learning the correct way to fall will save your life, or at least save your knees and elbows.
  8. Dance- This one you may not be able to master by 2011 but the increased body awareness will allow you to move in more amusing ways.
  9. Gymnastics- This is really a combination of 7 and 8. Learning to tumble will allow you to do crazy stuff and avoid injury.
  10. Sewing- Making your own costumes is more satisfying then buying one.
  11. Graphic Design- Your marketing materials will get a hundred times better after just one class.
  12. Public Speaking- This will make you more comfortable in front of a crowd and teach you the value of projection and planning.
  13. Business- Take some time to learn about business so you don’t make the same mistakes you have made in the past.

I would love to hear any other ideas for skill that people should work on before 2011 and what you are going to be working on. The Usable Clown is going to be working on Juggling 5 balls, Idling on his Unicycle and learning the classic palm and back palm with cards.