Take Notes

Clown NotebookTodays post comes directly from my starting days. When I first started this was my number one tool to becoming a better clown. You may notice that this one says “New Clown Notebook”, that is because the original one go destroyed when I left it in the yard and the sprinklers got it. This is the one after that, thus it is the new one.

Here is what I have used this notebook for and I suggest you do the same.  The first thing you should do is record all your thoughts about clowning and your clown character(s) in the journal. This is not just limited to writing, in fact a majority of mine is full of drawings. I have about twenty five drawings of potential clown faces and costumes. This may sound silly but it will help you visualize what you are want to look like and what your dream costume is.

Another handy thing about a clown notebook is that it allows you to keep track of where you have found props and supplies online. You can record the prices and what you would order if money was no object.  That way when you do have some money you are able to pick through your clown notebook and choose what will be the best investment for you.

What you need to do is get a notebook that you are comfortable writing in and start using it everyday to record ideas and sketches of whatever strikes your fancy.

a face

A face page from my notebook


A costume page from my notebook