5 Steps to Better Clowning: Execute

It is finally time to finish this series off. We have covered everything from the importance of simplifying everything, practicing, marketing and planning; now we need to coer the final and most difficult step: Executing the plan! Please go back and reread the previous posts and make sure have completed everything in those posts. The more prepared you are the better this step will go.I will wait here while you do that…

Welcome back. Here we GO!

Get out all of your marketing materials and look at your plan. Where do you want to entertain? Start by making a list of all of the people that you know. Start contacting those people in groups of five or six. Send an email, a post card, call them or meet them in person. You want to turn these people into either customers, investors or advertisers.  Of course you are probably not really looking for investors so instead focus on turning them into customers or advertisers.

Over the long haul it is going to be better to convert these initial people into advertisers. That way they will help you get them jobs. Also converting people into advertisers is as easy as giving them a stack of business cards and then asking if they need more the next time you see them.  Customers have the short term benefit of giving you money, but with a little luck can turn into advertisers. You do this by blowing their minds with your show. That way they tell their friends and spread the word about you. Once again, leave them with a stack of cards.

The next step is going to be making a list of places that you think would benefit from your services and which of your services will help them the most. This is not a list of places where you want to work but a list of places that you should work. Try to keep in mind that their is no guarantee that you are going to convince them that they should hire you, however they now know your name and will hopefully think of you first.

With this list you want to select two or three at a time and focus your energy on them. This is especially important if you are a part time clown. You will also benefit from doing a dress rehearsal of your sales call with a business person that you have done a job for in the past and have a good relationship with. They can provide you with feedback and that feedback can make all the difference in the world.

Here is the most important part of this step. Do it. It is really easy to sit around and talk about how you need to go do this stuff. That will not get you any business. So get off you behind and get to work. Make sure you let me know how the plan works for you, unless you get too busy to come back and visit us.