Alright Folks

The Usable Clown is here to beg your forgiveness. He screwed up. He has spent to much time lately worrying about money and decided to try to charge you guys for your email subscription. Talk about a lame plan. Like most plans of this lame-nitude, it has failed. I am giving up on that and want you guys to know that we are going to try and head back to a more regular schedule of postings.  I will continue to have ads on the site and you may have noticed a button on the side of the site that allows you to but me a treat. All I ask is that if you find something on the site that is helpful, please donate some money to the feed the hungry clown. Here is the deal, I will try to update more often and you guys can occasionally buy me a treat. This will help me feed my addiction to slurpees and you guys will continue to become more marketable clowns.

I plan on using the rest of the month of August to clean up any loose ends on the site and we sill start with fresh updates in September.

Check back soon.