What do you do?

Recently I performed at an event as a juggler. No clowning, just me my juggling props and a 30 minute show. I was hired by another entertainment company to do the job since they don’t have any jugglers on staff and they paid my standard rate for a juggling show. Overall I had a really good time until the end when the contact gave me a check for the show to give to the entertainment company they hired. She stated “It is $xxx, right?” I said that I didn’t know what she was quoted for a price but that that was probably correct. As I walked to my car I did some mental math, and by mental I mean on my iPhone.

What I came up with disturbed me. I had done all the work for the gig other then recieving the phone call. I had driven to the job, about 30 miles, provided all my own equipment and recived numerous compliments on my performance.  The math I did showed me that of the total amount paid for the gig by the customer I recieved 60% and the company I worked for recieved 40%. Talking to some entertainers that I know has led me to believe that this is an insane amount of money for the non-performing agent to recieve.

What is your experience with being booked by another agency? What do you think I should do in the future to prevent this? Does that seem crazy to you?  Let me know in the comments.