5 Steps to Better Clowning: Marketing

Advertising is usually the most costly part of having your own business. Luckily for you clowning is almost self advertised once you get it started, this means that if you have a well put together show and hand a card to every single person that sees you, there is very little left for you to do. This is because most of the advertising is done for you by the people you entertain. But we are getting ahead of ourselves first you have to understand Why.Why advertise? Especially if you can get your audience to do it for you. Because it is so simple to do. Once you have your cards (l) printed up all you have to do is hand them to everyone in the world. Grocery clerks, church members, coworkers, you get the idea. They all have kids or at the very least parties. Keep in mind that you may only get one call for every 10-25 business cards handed out. That means that one box of 250 cards should net 10-25 clown jobs at at least $50 a party you are looking at $500 – $1250 for the cost of the cards. That is a pretty good profit. But in order to do that you need to hand your cards to everyone, even people you might think have no use for a clown.Aside from getting your name out there this will also get you a collection of business cards from other people. For some reason you cannot hand someone a business card without getting one in return. These cards are the seeds for your off season marketing plan. Using the names and contact information on those cards you can start to sell yourself to local businesses for grand openings, sales and anything you or they can think of. If you give out enough cards you will be able to coast for a year without having to look for a job. I would advise against that as you should always be looking for jobs so you can clown forever.How you give someone a cards is as important as the card itself. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that age old first impression rule. The first impression is the most important and may be the only one you get. This means that at all times you need to carry yourself in a professional manner. This doesn’t mean that you need to dress like a business person, you just need to look like someone people want to invite into their home or business. Also, when you are in public out of your clown outfit you are not a clown. Not even a little. You don’t what to approach people in the same way that you would approach them in your clown outfit, you’ll just come off as weird and your card will disappear into the waste basket as soon as you walk away.The other part of this that is hard for even experienced clowns is when to distribute your cards. It all depends on the venue and the event. If you are making balloons at a restaurant you should give cards, see the ‘s’ on cards that means you give them at least two, to every table you visit and have a stack of cards up at the host stand. If you are at a festival, hand them out after every show, performing at a business have a stack at the counter as well as hand them out as necessary. When you are doing a birthday party make sure that no kid leaves without at least one your cards if not two or three. This will ensure that their parents see the card as well as give their parents something to give to their friends.As you can see the trick with marketing yourself is word of mouth. The more people that have seen you perform that have a card with your phone number the more people will call you. Even if you think someone could never use a clown they might have a friend or relative that could. Leave no card unhanded out.