How it All Works

I have recently been spending a large quantity of my performing time at a restaurant working for tips. More specifically making balloons for tips. If you are interested in growing your clown business then it is quite possible that making balloons for tips is just the thing you need to do.

As I mentioned in my last post The Call: Restaurants, it is very important to work your hardest to impress the management of the restaurant. The more impressed they are the more likely they are to hire you on. This doesn’t mean that you need to where a suit and tie, but the clothing you where needs to be presentable and let them know that they are dealing with a professional.

One thing to keep in mind is that unless you are planning to build a balloon tying business in restaurants there is no real need to charge the restaurant a fee for doing your balloons in their establishment. The whole purpose that you are there is to grow your business by giving out cards with every balloon and cards to every table that you interact with in a positive manner.

Take me for instance, I live in a small-medium town in Colorado. I work in two different restaurants in the same chain, on in Denver and one in Greeley. I work only two nights a week and make about the same both nights. Granted if I where to charge I could make more money but the tips that I receive are just a bonus to the publicity that I am getting.

This last weekend I made as much as I make in a night of ballooning in an hour thanks to the card that I gave a family just the week before. Especially when it is getting closer to your busy time this will really help your business pick up and go crazy. And in the slow times those tips will help keep you a float and possibly land you some more parties when you normally have none.

The important thing to keep in mind is that everything you do as it reflects not only you and your business but the restaurant you are performing in. So if you upset a customer, who yells at the manager; it will get back to you and an upset manager is not going to be understanding if you offended someone with something you said. If someone complains about a balloon popping that is one thing, but if you ignored someone or even if they perceived that your where ignoring or harassing them you will get in trouble.

So go out, approach a restaurant that you like and start making balloons for tips and grow your business.